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About RIG WRECKERS grips

RIG WRECKERS® grips are made from a 100% cotton material providing optimal flexibility and a comfortable fit for any grip intensive workout. The material is durable and has a slight texture to help hold in chalk. The moisture absorbing material prevents them from getting slippery when wet and they are machine-washable. Our grips last from 4 to 8 months depending on the frequency of use.

Our sizes are based on the width of an athlete’s hands to ensure just the right amount of coverage. RIG WRECKERS® grips are worn secured in place with athletic tape or wrist wraps. Check out our “How to” page for securing details.

RIG WRECKERS® grips are created by athletes for athletes. We know your hands are a primary asset to your training and we are committed to helping protect them.


NOTE: RIG WRECKERS®  grips will continue to allow for the natural build up of callouses and will offer the protection to minimize the effects of high-rep workouts. Proper hand care is recommended.

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